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Sweet Botanica crafts enchanting floral arrangements to each bouquet and every occasion. 

Sweet Botanica evolves timeless floral designs and productions into contemporary and modern abundances of art. From delicate bouquets, weddings, to special and corporate events - Sweet Botanica elegantly graces on making dreams and visions come to life.

Trusted with the local Sydney floral styling scene, Sweet Botanica has collaborated with well-known brands, including Christian Paul and Jen Atkin’s Mane Addicts events.

Crafting beautifully arranged blooms, Sweet Botanica honours an intimate experience and offers personalised expertise that compliments all floral orders, occasions and desires. 


About Helen


Helen Chhauv


With over 15 years of experience in the floral industry, creative director and founder Helen Nham continues to enthrall the botanical scene with her highly-dynamic set of skills and creative drive and passion. 


From the intricacies of the design journey to the marvelous creations, Helen’s warmth and spirit radiates through her floral arrangements. Sharing the special significance of life; her florals reflect these big and small but important moments that fulfill Helen’s love and gratitude for every opportunity given.

10229 Vienne & Jonathan -
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